Elegant Bathroom Remodel

in Connecticut

CT Shower and Bathroom Remodel
Double Sink Vanity With Makeup Counter
CT Shower and Bath

Step into elegance with this beautiful bathroom remodel, outlined completely with custom milled trim work. This bathroom is the definition of relaxation from the jacuzzi tub to the stunning oversized shower. These unique features create that spa-like feeling every single day!

Luxury Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Makeup Vanity in Connecticut
Custom Bathroom Remodel CT

The custom makeup counter located in the corner is the perfect spot to prepare for a night out. This area is complete with a large mirror and gorgeous lighting, so no one will ever miss a spot! 

Whether you are preparing for a long day or winding down from work, the main custom vanity is the best place for it all. Not to mention it is complete with towers, which is great for storing all toiletries.  

Enjoy some tunes every step of the way with the built-in sound system.


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