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Seamlessly expand your home with a new addition.


We build custom home additions in Fairfield County, including locations such as Southport, Greenfield Hill, Fairfield Beach, and Westport.

When you know you’re lacking that extra space that would make life at home easier and more comfortable, it can be frustrating. Or maybe you’re expecting a new family member or an older loved one to move in soon. Adding onto your Fairfield area home has the power to solve a lot of problems, like a need for more storage, a place to house guests, create a more functional layout in a larger kitchen, or adding another bathroom. 

Adding onto your existing Connecticut home requires specific professional expertise, gained from years of experience and training. Your addition will need to blend seamlessly with your home, feeling as if it’s always been there. At Raymond Design Builders we specialize in keen design that addresses not only the space you need but the spectacular style you want. 

Our proven design-build process starts with your vision and ends with exceeding your expectations, all within your budget and timeline. We’ll assess your home as it is today, ask about your home’s challenges, and we’ll work together to find solutions that fit your unique lifestyle and design goals. Collaboration is key and we truly enjoy every opportunity to improve the lives of our clients through the design-build process. 

Home additions have so much potential, and it’s common to start by asking questions so you’ll feel prepared going into the consultation and planning phases. 

pool house with doors open, chairs, and couch, by Raymond Design Builders in Fairfield County, CT.

Frequently Ask Questions About Home Additions in Connecticut


How much does it cost to add an addition to a house in Connecticut?

On average, adding onto your home can cost $80-$200 per square foot in the Fairfield area. The cost for your specific addition will depend on the type of room you’re adding on as well as the size and the location. For example, adding a second floor and building outward on the ground level will require different scopes of work, resulting in different costs, even for the same square footage. 

The type of room you’re adding will vary in cost. Expanding your kitchen and adding a half bath will cost more than adding onto your family room or an additional bedroom. The complexity of the former far surpasses the latter rooms. 


What do I need to know before building an addition?

While you’re adding onto your home, consider if the adjacent spaces could also use an update. Remodeling the parts of your home that will lead into the addition should blend seamlessly, so updating finishes and paint can help make the transition a clean one. You also don’t want the addition to stand out as being brand new while the adjacent spaces are dated with out-of-style finishes. 

Where do I start if I want to add on to my house?

There are two places to start when you’re considering any type of remodel: your budget and your needs. What you’re hoping to get out of a remodel will have to fit within your budget, so working with an experienced design-build team that can find solutions that fit within your budget will make for the best experience and outcome. 

How long does adding a room take in Connecticut?

Knowing the timeline of your home addition is tricky without knowing the type of addition. The length of time could be anywhere between a few weeks to months. To best understand how long your addition could take, talk to a design-build firm that specializes in additions. Raymond Design Builders will take the time to understand your remodeling goals to give you a timeline estimate to know what to expect when you start your remodeling journey. 

Is it worth adding an addition to your home?

Do you love your Fairfield, Southport, or Westport neighborhood, the community you’ve built, the style of your home, and your proximity to everything you and your family need? If you’ve answered yes to even one of these considerations, it’s worth exploring what an addition can do for your home and your family. Also, if there is a possibility that you’ll be selling your home in the future, it stands to reason that any future family will also find value in the addition you’re envisioning. 

Let’s Start Planning Your Fairfield Area Home Addition

Raymond Design Builders are here for your questions and concerns. Home remodeling is an investment and you want to be confident about the process and the outcome. Contact us to schedule a consultation and we’d be happy to learn about your home’s challenges, design goals, and work toward a plan that will offer you and your family more space and comfort.


interior shot of pool house facing pool, with couch and chairs, by Raymond Design Builders in Fairfield County, CT

Don't make these Home Addition Mistakes

#1: Paying Too Much

Don't let builders give you constantly changing prices that can result in more money spent, or corners cut on your home addition. 

Why Raymond Design Builders?

We offer a fixed price process and a 24/7 customer portal so you always know your project is on budget.

#2: Picking a Builder with no Communication

Nothing is worse than not knowing what's going on with your home addition. These projects can take months, and you want to know every update during that time.

Why Raymond Design Builders?

With our 24/7 customer portal and our critical path schedule, you'll know every update with your project as soon as we do, and have a clear resource to use when you need questions answered.

#3: Letting your project disrupt your daily life

Imagine not being able to use key features of your home at a moment's notice. Or in some cases, needing to relocate all together for an extended amount of time with no chance to prepare. 

Why Raymond Design Builders?

Our critical path schedule informs you when we are working on certain parts of your project, and allows you to be prepared for what's coming, and when.   

Types of Additions

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Bumpouts are a great way to add valuable living space, costing less than the traditional home addition. From an extra bath to bedroom, sunroom or more kitchen space - choose between full room bumpouts to simple expansions.

Upper story addition with grey couch and black chairs by Raymond Design Builders in Fairfield County, Connecticut

2nd Story Additions

Don't have lots of yard space to sacrifice? Build up! A second story addition on your existing Connecticut home is the perfect way to truly maximize square footage that will perfectly fit with your architectural style.

luxury two car garage made out of wood by Raymond Design Builders in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Two-car Garage

Love the idea of that second car? Looking for some extra work space? A two car garage is the ideal solution! We can help you design and build for the perfect balance of function and beauty.

Light Color Scheme Bedroom with queen bed and wainscotting walls by Raymond Design Builders in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Master Bedroom

Dreaming of waking up in your own master suite? Our talented team of designers and builders will help you bring this to life. We can incorporate all the special features - including a walk-in closet, fireplace, or luxury master bath. It's the perfect way to feel like royalty in your own Fairfield area home!

basement with bedroom and hardwood floors by Raymond Design Builders in Fairfield County, Connecticut


You may be sitting on a gold mine. Yes, we mean your unfinished basement! Transforming this dank and dusty area into livable space is a great way to add living area in the home without making any significant structural changes.



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