Black Matte Kitchen Remodel

in Connecticut

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Party Island Kitchen Remodel
Conversational Island in Connecticut

This stunning black matte kitchen remodel is the life of the party - literally. The beautiful custom-made conversational island includes everything anyone would need for the perfect gathering, from design to functionality. Not only does the waterfall effect give it the pop it needs, but it includes snack, wine, and beer fridges. Not to mention, it's a convenient location to the backyard pool area.


Two is almost always better than one, especially when it comes to counter space. The secondary counter is a 90-degree angle, purposely for sitting and more flow of conversation - making it a perfect addition. 


Floating Shelves in Kitchen
Double Door Fridge
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing CT

Imagine cooking dinner for your guests on this gorgeous oversized stove. 


Aside from the bells and whistles, the entire kitchen area is open and conversational.  You have the ability to sit at the kitchen island and see the tv, living room, etc. 

Guitar Hanging in CT Remodel
Coffee Bar with Floating Shelves
Flow Area Between Kitchen and Living Space

Before you venture into the living room, grab a cup-of-joe at this unique coffee station. Not only do the floating shelves bring extra light to the area, but it makes for a great space to display that collection of coffee mugs.


There is room for showcasing in the living room area as well, with the addition of custom hooks and floating shelves. What can be more relaxing than some music and sitting around the warmth of this single flame gas fireplace? 


If you fell in love with this luxury remodel - imagine what we can do for you!

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