Looking to expand? Don't move out
- add extra square footage!

A custom home addition is the perfect way to make your home work for you and your growing family again. Whether you have an aging relative moving into the home, are expecting a new member, or simply feel that you need more space, an addition is the ticket! Our goal is to ensure the finished project carefully includes all your family's wants and needs - seamlessly fitting into the existing layout and maximizing your home's interior appeal.

Adding onto your existing home requires professional expertise, gained from years experience and training. As a design-build firm our team of specialists are able to handle each aspect of the process for you.


Bumpouts are a great way to add valuable living space, costing less than the traditional home addition. From an extra bath to bedroom, sunroom or more kitchen space - choose between full room bumpouts to simple expansions.

Don't have lots of yard space to sacrifice? Rather build up! A second story addition on top of your existing home structure is the perfect way to truly maximize square footage - perfectly fitting with your architectural style.

Love the idea of that second car but hate the thought of shoveling winter snow? Looking for some extra work space? A two car garage is the ideal solution! We can help you design and build for the perfect balance of function and beauty.

Dreaming of waking up in your own master suite? Our talented team of designers and builders will help you bring this to life. We can incorporate all the special features - including walk-in closets, fireplaces or luxury master baths.

You may be sitting on a gold mine. Yes, we mean your unfinished basement! Transforming this dank and dusty space is a great way to add living area in the home without making any significant structural changes.


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